Fam-i- ly.... Two or more people who share goals and values, have long-term commitments to one another, and reside usually in the same dwelling place.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lake Havasu

This past weekend Brad and I were invited to Havasu with my cousins Deedee and Garrett and Seth and Lilly (their kids!) My brother John came along as well as my best friend Coral! We had so much fun tubing and wakeboarding! YES, I got up on the wak board and I am still paying the price with my sore shoulder but it was worth the fun! Our underwater digital camera stopped working again (just like it did in Hawaii) so I have limited pictures and unfortunately the pics I had of Deedee and Garrett were taken with that camera. Making this trip out to the river reminded Brad and I of how much we enjoy being at the river and being out on a boat that we have a game plan to buy our own wakeboarding boat the beginning of next year!!

Thanks again Deedee and Garrett for including us!!!

Coral and I
The Hubby and I!
My brother John and Brad
Brother and Sister!!
Lilly and I

The Three Buddies....Little John, Seth and Brad

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Relaxing Weekend

I know it sounds a little boring but I love weekends with no plans! I love to just relax and have the chance to sit around all day and if I want to suddenly fall asleep and take a  little nap I can, if I want to keep my pajamas on all day I can and if I don't want to ever the the house I don't have too!! I have such a busy schedule waking up at 4:00am for work every day (Mon- Fri) and commuting 120 miles per day that I love to have the much needed down time. We spent Thursday through Sunday morning at Brad's parents house watching their dogs while they were out of town. They live at Trilogy Golf Course in Corona and every time I am there I feel like I am on vacation at a beautiful gold resort! We spent the evenings at happy hour and then off on the golf cart with the dogs and some great Ponte wine!! It was a great weekend!

Brad with Lucie (our puggle) and Baily and Cody his parents dogs

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Our Amazing Honeymoon In St. Lucia!!

Our honeymoon was amazing and by far the most expensive best vacation we have ever taken! We wanted to make sure we went all out and did something we would never forget. We booked a "Rondoval Room" at The Grande St. Lucian where we had our own bungalow with a backyard, pool and jacuzzi. We even had an outdoor shower which was by far the best part of it all for me at least!

Our  backyard!


Two of Our Biggest Events of 2009.....Wedding and Honeymoon!!

After Brad and I got married last year (By far the best day of my life!) I wanted to start a blog. I loved following other blogs and thought how much fun it would be to have my own. Well, I hesitated because I felt like our blog would be boring unless we had a family and kids, blah blah blah. I CHANGED MY MIND and here is my blog, just the two of us!! No kids yet but hoping and PLANNING for that in the near future!

I will start with the wedding! I dreamed about my wedding day since I was a little girl and our day was perfect! I wish I could replay it and do it all over again! I was, am still, one of those BRIDES that will forever be a BRIDE and nobody can take that away from me!!

Ponte Winery, Temecula CA......September 19, 2009
Being escorted by my biggest little brother, Little John & my Step dad Big John!