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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lake Havasu

This past weekend Brad and I were invited to Havasu with my cousins Deedee and Garrett and Seth and Lilly (their kids!) My brother John came along as well as my best friend Coral! We had so much fun tubing and wakeboarding! YES, I got up on the wak board and I am still paying the price with my sore shoulder but it was worth the fun! Our underwater digital camera stopped working again (just like it did in Hawaii) so I have limited pictures and unfortunately the pics I had of Deedee and Garrett were taken with that camera. Making this trip out to the river reminded Brad and I of how much we enjoy being at the river and being out on a boat that we have a game plan to buy our own wakeboarding boat the beginning of next year!!

Thanks again Deedee and Garrett for including us!!!

Coral and I
The Hubby and I!
My brother John and Brad
Brother and Sister!!
Lilly and I

The Three Buddies....Little John, Seth and Brad

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  1. We had so much fun. Next summer will be even better with two boats! Thanks again for joining us.
    Love ya,